05 January 2021

Australian students 'spend too much time learning politically correct ideologies'

ACU Senior Research Fellow Kevin Donnelly says the more time students spend learning politically correct ideologies, the less time they can spend on what "really is of value and important".

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His comment comes after recent results revealed Australian students have dropped further in international rankings for math and science, achieving 27th place out of 35 countries for math and 14th place for science.

“Our curriculum is very politically correct, very culturally left, as I would say, that’s part of the problem,” Mr Donelly said.

“Students spend more time on safe schools, gender fluidity, striking on the Fridays for climate change, all about gender misogyny.

“We haven’t realised, the more you spend on these politically correct ideologies, the less time you can spend on what really is of value and important.”

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