01 October 2020

'Heteronormativity taboo' pushed by 'Marxist' gender fluidity activists

ACU Senior Research Fellow Dr Kevin Donnelly says there has been a "concerted push" through Australian schools and tertiary institutions to "convince young people that gender is fluid".

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Mr Donnelly said the term 'heteronormativity' assumes you are happy with the biological gender and sexuality you were born with.

He pointed out, according to a recent survey over 98 percent of Australians are very happy to be men or women, which means they are "guilty of heteronormativity".

Society has reached an "absurd and dangerous" state where political correctness dictates heteronormativity be pushed to the sidelines to make way for the gender fluidity narrative.

"Even the English Teachers Association of Australia have announced gender specific pronouns should not be used in the classroom," he told Sky News Chris Smith.

The Left have moved away from economic arguments to cultural arguments which have been "marched" through Liberal-democratic institutions” including the family unit, schools and universities.

He said the Safe Schools gender fluidity program was a case in point which "was all about a Marxist Utopian view of gender where it was dynamic or fluid".

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