Wake Up To Woke It’s Time, Australia

Western civilisation, including Australia, is facing an existential threat to the hard fought for liberties and freedoms we take for granted.

Rationality and reason no longer exist, religious freedom and freedom of conscience cancelled and institutions, including schools, universities, the church, family, businesses, corporations, the law and the media, infected with neo-Marxist inspired Woke ideology.

  • Kindergarten children and school students are taught gender and sexually are fluid and dynamic social constructs and not biologically determined and God given. Neo- Marxist inspired gender ideology teaches children boys can be girls and girls can be boys.
  • Despite the additional $billions invested Australian students are going backwards in international maths, science and literacy tests. Australian classrooms are among the most disruptive with badly behaved students across the OECD countries.
  • Students are taught a black armband view of history where the arrival of the First Fleet is condemned as an invasion leading to genocide and Australian society is racist and guilty of white supremacism.
  • Universities, instead of teaching the best that has been thought and said, are infected with Woke cultural Marxism where Western civilisation is condemned as Eurocentric, classist, racist, binary, exploitive and guilty of whiteness.
  • Religious freedom, especially Judeo-Christianity, is under threat where neo-Marxist inspired secularists argue religion must be banished from the public square. People of faith are cancelled for daring to remain true to their convictions and beliefs.
  • Generations of students, instead of being critically aware and independent thinkers, are indoctrinated and pressured to be new-age, Woke cultural warriors.

There is cause for optimism. Whether the 60/40 vote against the Indigenous Voice to parliament, surveys showing Australians are fed up with Woke ideology or parents establishing their own schools dedicated to a classical, liberal education, the awakening has begun.

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